Moore Equestrian

Horses often develop behavioural problems and disorders which can escalate to the point where their owners are no longer able to cope. It is all too easy to feel like there is nowhere to turn for reliable advice, but this is where Lynn can help!

Using the science of equine behaviour Lynn can help you to establish the cause of the 'problem' behaviour, which can then be addressed through any necessary alterations to your horse's environment, management, handling and training. Your horse's behaviour can be improved through the development and implementation of a detailed, tailor-made behavioural modification plan and through learning to understand the motivations behind your horse's behaviour. 

Are you struggling with your horse's behaviour?

Contact or call Lynn to discuss any aspect of your horses behaviour on 07774 644601


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Moore Equestrian helps people have  a better and more rewarding relationship with their horse.

Lynn uses reward based training methods and scientific knowledge to help equine owners to develop a deeper understanding of their animal's behaviour. With a passion for improving the lives of both people and animals Lynn offers a supportive service to enable people to develop a more harmonious relationship with their equine partners.